SEO Elements and Ranking Factors

Elements of SEO, Buzzwords, Direct and Indirect Ranking Factors (in no particular order)

  1. Content Indexing and Rendering.
  2. Site Structure.
  3. URL Structure.
  4. Internal link & crawl structure.
  5. Filtering duplicate and non-search targeted content.
  6. Managing URL redirects, domain migrations, & content updates.
  7. Managing server-side error codes, downtime, & 404 pages.
  8. Country and language based targeting issues.
  9. Managing scrapers, syndication, & external duplicate content.
  10. Traffic analysis & analytics.
  11. Google Search Console analysis
  12. Using Structured Data Markup to maximize visibility in the Search Results.
  13. Canonical tags and URLs
  14. URL query strings
  15. HTML
  16. CSS
  17. Apache configuration and tuning.
  18. PHP
  19. MySQL
  20. Linux (Web Server) management and tuning.
  21. Javascript & AJAX
  22. Meta Title Tags
  23. H1-H6 Tags
  24. Meta Description Tags
  25. hreflang Tags
  26. Meta Robots Tags
  27. noindex, nofollow, noarchive, noodp, noydir tags
  28. X-Robots-Tags
  29. XML Sitemaps
  30. robots.txt
  31. .htaccess files
  32. User Interface (UI)
  33. User Experience (UX)
  34. Bounce Rate
  35. Time on Site
  36. Dwell Time
  37. Pogo Sticking
  38. User Engagement
  39. Page load times and site speed
  40. Mobile Friendly Optimization
  41. Click Thru Rate (CTR) from the SERPs
  42. Conversion Rates
  43. Image implementation and optimization
  44. Image file names & alt tags
  45. Video implementation and optimization
  46. Social Media Integration & Optimization
  47. Panda & Penguin Risk Management
  48. Paid Traffic
  49. Content Management and Marketing
  50. External Link volume
  51. External Link Anchor Text
  52. External Link Domain Diversity
  53. Broken Links (Internal and Outgoing)
  54. Branding
  55. Reputation Management
  56. Content Management System (CMS): Management, Security, Troubleshooting, Maintenance, Tuning.
  57. Ad space management and optimization.
  58. Search Engine Algorithm Updates.
  59. Webmaster Guideline updates for both Google and Bing.
  60. CURRENT SEO Best Practices.
  61. Identifying opportunities based on raw or processed data.
  62. Semantic search.
  63. Negative SEO.
  64. Search Engine Penalty Troubleshooting & Recovery.
  65. EVERYTHING. Yup. Everything you do has an impact on search visibility. Surprise!


seo all the things


What does all that mean? It mean NOTHING if you don’t understand how it impacts rankings and traffic, and how it all fits together.

Any monkey can cut and paste this stuff. STOP focusing on stupidity like traditional keyword strategies that don’t work anymore.

Design a HOLISTIC SEO strategy. SEO is INCLUSIVE of the entire marketing strategy and not separate from it.


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